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    3 Days In Paris, France

    This was my second visit to the “City of Lights” and AK’s first. Although it didn’t leave a great impression the first time around, I decided to give it another chance, since AK had never been. Paris is one of those places that everyone has to go to at least once, and after being twice, I have concluded – Paris is not for me. There’s something about the over-romanticized image portrayed by media that left Paris very underwhelming for me (however, I did enjoy Montmartre). But, this is all personal opinion and I know many people that would easily rank Paris amongst their favourite cities in the world.

    From Lisbon to Paris, it was an easy 2.5 hours flight. If you are on a budget, compare flights on Momondo to find the best value. We ended up going with Easyjet. You can also choose to travel via train or bus, which both take over 20 hours.

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