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    How to Avoid Getting Sick on Holidays

    So you’ve spent months doing your research to plan the perfect holiday. You’ve saved up as much money and leave needed and you’re all hyped up. You arrive, have a meal…and next thing you know, you spend the night next to the toilet bowl; something you ate didn’t agree with you. You wake up the next morning completely exhausted with no appetite to eat and no energy to walk around. It takes you at least 3 days to recover and these 3 days feel like hell, it completely ruins your trip…Does this sound familiar?

    Even for the most seasoned traveler, sickness can hit you unexpectedly.

    Whether it be a scenario like the above, or falling sick due to other reasons, it is definitely not a fun situation to be in. Even for the most seasoned traveler, sickness can hit you unexpectedly. I mean, if you can get sick at home, your chances of getting sick whilst traveling multiplies – as you are exposed to more foreign elements.

    Although, I can’t guarantee a fool-proof way for you to not get sick on holidays, I can give you a few tips on how to avoid it and prepare your body as much as possible.

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    Airbnb scams: And how to avoid them

    Whenever people ask me for recommendations on accommodation the name Airbnb seems to pop up a lot. I’ve used Airbnb many times in the past and 99% of the time it has been a good experience.

    For example:
    – In Japan we were provided with free pocket Wi-Fi, which meant Wi-Fi everywhere!
    – In Lisbon the host picked us up from the bus station and walked us to the apartment. She even got her husband to help us with our luggage.
    – In Antwerp, our host treated us with a bowl of free chocolates which we snacked on everyday.

    Airbnb usually provides a more personal experience and makes you feel like you are staying in a home away from home. If you’ve never booked with airbnb before, click here to make an account and get a discount off your first booking.

    With everything, where there is money involved, there will always be people out there trying to benefit illegally. I have heard many horror stories about Airbnb scams. The most common being people turning up to find a home that looks different to the listing. But, if you stay wary, there are many precautions you can take to avoid a nightmare experience:

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