Mov’In Bed: The Biggest Bed Cinema in The World!

Gone are the days of the drive-in cinema and the bring-your-own rug/chair outdoor cinema. Let’s welcome, the new kid on the block: the Outdoor Bed Cinema!

To celebrate 8000 followers on Instagram, I am collaborating with Mov’In Bed to share a unique experience with my Australian supporters. I am giving away a double pass to a screening of your choice at Mov’In Bed’s Outdoor Bed Cinema – the BIGGEST bed cinema in the world! (subject to availability – some screenings are already sold out!). Check my Instagram for entry details. **Competition has now ENDED**

…a night under the stars in bed watching an old classic: ET.

Of course, I’m not just going to tell you how good this experience is without trying it out myself. So, Sunday night we popped down to The Crescent at Parramatta Park and enjoyed a night under the stars in bed watching an old classic: ET.

The cinema consists of 150 queen size air beds with pillows and blankets. If the thought of using beds that others have used irks you, let me reassure you now, the beds are cleaned every night and is only used for the duration of a movie – I’m sure you would have slept in a hotel bed that’s been used longer than this.

Mov'In Bed Outdoor Bed Cinema

Look how comfy these look!

Having fun in bed. =p

The previous 2 nights before our visit were cancelled due to rain, so we were worried all day that our screening would be cancelled too. But, thankfully, the sun gods blessed us with a clear night. There was a nice breeze that constantly swept through, giving the air a nice fresh crispness. It never got too cold, because of the cosy blanket that the folks at Mov’In Bed had thought ahead about including.

Sound and picture was good. Especially at the end when the credits started rolling and the classic ET music started echoing through the park. I looked up at the sky and for a moment it felt so magical.

Mov'In Bed Outdoor Bed Cinema

Waiting for the sun to set

On the premises was the “Street Sliders” food truck and a pop-up bar. We ordered the delicious sliders and salad. Being the big foodies we are, we ordered one each of the slider flavours on offer: Eggplant, Pulled Pork, Chicken and Beef. I think my favourite was the Pulled Pork Slider which had some coleslaw in it as well.

Enjoying dinner in bed

Of course, there are a few things you need to note: because the grounds of the crescent is slanted, this means no matter where your bed is placed on the hill, your view is completely unobstructed. But, also because of this slant, make sure you wear fabric that’s not too slippery as you will find yourself gradually sliding down the bed (very gradually – you will just need to adjust yourself a few times during the night).

…bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off when you get in and out of bed if you expect similar weather to us.

Another thing you must note is, of course, the weather cannot be controlled. Although, the night was clear and generally pleasant for us, the grass was still a little damp and muddy in places (which meant no running around barefoot), so bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off when you get in and out of bed if you expect similar weather to us.

Lastly, there are no lights for the toilet (the toilets are port-a-loos, FYI). We suggest you go to the toilet before and after the movie to save stumbling around in the dark or have the flashlight on your phone ready. We assume this is something the organisers did on purpose as any lighting around the toilets would have been quite distracting.

Mov'In Bed Outdoor Bed Cinema

Fun night at Mov’In Bed

All in all, it was a lovely experience and very unique. If you are interested, visit for dates and movie screenings.

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    Bed cinema! That’s such a cool idea :)))

    March 29, 2017 at 6:15 pm
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      It sure is! =)

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