Cabramatta Eats: Battambang Cambodian Restaurant

If you’ve ever heard of Cabramatta, you would be familiar with the vibrant Vietnamese community that has made the suburb it’s home. But, did you know, apart from Vietnamese food, you can also find delicious Cambodian food in Cabramatta?

NOTHING I have ordered on the menu so far has failed me…

Tucked away in a side alley on John St, Battambang Cambodian Restaurant is an homage to the town of Battambang, the capital of the Battambang province in Cambodia. Battambang serves delicious authentic Cambodian food with a few Vietnamese and Chinese dishes mixed into the menu. Let me tell you now, NOTHING I have ordered on the menu so far has failed me, that’s how good this place is.


Here are some dishes we’ve tried ( = my rating, = AK’s rating). I will update this every time we visit, so check back often. Click on the dishes to jump to photos and reviews.

Crispy Pork Intestine with Noodles ♥♥♥♥♥ |
Crispy Pork Intestine with Garlic Fried Rice ♥♥♥♥ | ♠♠♠♠

Crispy Pork Intestine with Noodles

This is my all-time favourite dish to order at Battambang. In fact, it is because of this darn dish, that I haven’t been able to try many other things on the menu yet (if you know me, you will know I generally like variety).

Crispy intestines with egg noodles at Battambang Restaurant, Cabramatta

My favourite dish at Battambang

There is no “right way” to eat this dish. When it is first served, it will arrive on your table with a side of bean sprouts and lime, a bowl of pork bone soup and a small bowl of chilli sauce. I like to mix in plenty of bean sprouts – to mask the unhealthiness of the meal – and then squeeze some fresh lime on top to neutralise the oiliness. I then drizzle a little bit of the chilli sauce (I think there’s fish sauce in it, so I don’t add too much or else it completely takes over the taste of the dish) and then add 3-4 pickled green chillis. Mix it all up, take a good few bites and then cleanse the palette with a sip of pork bone soup. If it’s a hot day I like to order an iced milk tea too. YUM!

Crispy Intestines with Egg Noodles

Look at those delicious intestines…

As unlady-like as it sounds, I love eating innards (no, I’m not a monster), so when I first spotted this dish on the menu, I had to try it! – and boy, did it live up to expectations. The intestines are nice and crispy but not overly dry and the egg noodles just complement it so well. The egg noodles are springy and smooth and when you drench it in the sauce provided it helps neutralise the dry/fried texture of the intestines. The sauce is a sweet, garlicky soy sauce and if you like to eat spicy food, you will find plenty of chillis on your table. I personally LOVE the pickled green chillis, even though they make my life miserable afterwards (think burning cramps for hours!) – but so worth it!

Crispy Pork Intestines with Garlic Fried Rice

This dish is exactly the same as the above dish, except it has garlic fried rice instead of egg noodles. Personally, I don’t think rice balances the dryness of this dish as well as the saucy egg noodles.

Fried intestines with garlic fried rice and a side of pork bone soup

Fried intestines with garlic fried rice and a side of pork bone soup

However, on it’s own the garlic fried rice is so fragrant and delicious. I would recommend getting it with something else other than fried intestines.

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