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AK and I have been complaining for a while about the lack of a good Japanese restaurant in South Western Sydney. After a lot of searching, we recently started turning reluctantly to Hero Sushi in Wetherill Park Stocklands for our sushi fix as it’s been the only half-decent sushi train in the area we’ve come across. But, we knew we couldn’t depend on it in the long run, so we continued our search.

 Finally, today we decided to give it a try. What a pleasant surprise!

We noticed when Yukiguni first opened in Cabramatta, but didn’t have high hopes for it (as experience has proven). We also walked past numerous times and peered in like little kids at a candy store, but the lack of appetising dishes circling the belt ended up turning us away. Finally, today we decided to give it a try. What a pleasant surprise! At $3.30 a dish (standard sushi), this may be our new favourite sushi place in the area.

Yukiguni, Cabramatta

Yukiguni, Cabramatta

Yukiguni, Cabramatta

Yukiguni, Cabramatta

After returning from Japan in 2015, we must admit, we had turned into sushi-snobs. The quality and variety of sushi in Japan was so good! Even at sushi trains that cost 100 yen per dish we were so impressed. We became obsessed with nigiri in particular, which are sushi with a thin slice of raw fish.

Tuna nigiri, yukiguni Cabramatta

We fell in love with the Tuna in Japan – At Yukiguni it was surprisingly decent.

Scallop Nigiri, Yukiguni Cabramatta

Scallop Nigiri

A big issue with the Japanese restaurants in Australia is that they aren’t run by Japanese, but Koreans, and one thing the Koreans love are HEAPS of sauces (if you’ve ever been to Sushi Bay or Hero Sushi you will know what I mean). They taste good, but completely cover the taste of the freshness and natural flavours of the fish, which is what we grew an appreciation for in Japan. So, if you are like us, you will love Yukiguni.

Although I’m not sure whether they are actually run by Japanese, Yukiguni serves their sushi the way it’s meant to be – no fancy sauces and ingredients, just a good variety of fresh tasty seafood. Make sure to take note of their specials board that has a changing menu of fresh white fish and hand rolls. Have you had raw snapper or lightly grilled john dory?

Snapper Nigiri, Yukiguni Cabramatta

Snapper Nigiri

Lightly grilled John Dory, Yukiguni Cabramatta

Lightly grilled John Dory

If you are a fan of raw salmon, you will love the option of normal salmon as well as salmon belly (this just melts in your mouth!). They also make some really delicious flower salmon sushi, which uses salmon belly to wrap the rice instead of seaweed.

Grilled Salmon Belly, Yukiguni Cabramatta

Grilled Salmon Belly

Tobiko Salmon Flower Yukiguni Cabramatta

Tobiko Salmon Flower

Salmon Flower with Scallops and Avocado, Yukiguni Cabramatta

Salmon Flower with Scallops and Avocado

A little secret to eating here, make sure to order from the menu rather than grabbing the dishes that are already on the belt. You get freshly made sushi if you order rather than sushi that’s been sitting on the belt for an unknown amount of time, plus the variety on the belt isn’t as much as on the menu.

Hand Rolls at Yukiguni Cabramatta

Make sure to try some hand rolls

If you want to give this place a try, there is a really good Groupon deal going at the moment. We discovered it after our visit today and have already bought a few to use. Looking forward to eating more sushi.

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