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Just as we started to get sick of all the hipster cafes with 5 items on their menu, that charge a fortune to add a slice of avocado and drinks that cost almost the same as a meal, we were invited to try out Beanie Cafe. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a cafe with such an extensive menu.

No fancy renovations, no expensive furniture – just simple no frills good food!

Beanie Cafe is your local old school style cafe, even though it’s only been around for 3 months. No fancy renovations, no expensive furniture – just simple no frills good food! Plus, prices are cheaper than many other cafes. They offer a $10 lunch special as well as 10% off for WSU students. If you attend WSU, the cafe is just on the other side of the road.


Beanie cafe - Parramatta

Suprisingly good food for a local cafe

Here are some dishes we’ve tried ( = my rating, = AK’s rating). I will update this every time we visit, so check back often. Click on the dishes to jump to photos and reviews.


Tuscan Breakfast ♥♥♥♥♠♠♠♠  Poached eggs served on a bed of sauteed chorizo, mushroom, feta and pesto oil, with dark rye toast. [$12.50]


Pulled Pork Burger ♥♥♥♥♠♠♠♠  Slow-cooked pork topped with homemade coleslaw, lettuce and BBQ sauce. Served with salad and chips. [$12.50]


Fresh Apple and Pineapple Juice ♥♥♥♥ [$6]

Tuscan Breakfast

Tuscan Breakfast, Beanie Cafe Parramatta

Tuscan Breakfast

Just like any fan of #yolkporn or #eggporn, I hate it when my eggs are overcooked. So, based on this one factor, Beanie Cafe went straight into my good books as soon as I cut into the eggs and the yolk came oozing out – YUM!

This was the first time I had dark rye toast and it paired so well with the chorizo, mushroom and feta as it was nice and thick and helped balance out the saltiness. This dish tasted almost exactly how I imagined it to, the only let down was that I couldn’t quite taste the pesto oil.

Pulled Pork Burger

Pulled Pork Burger - Beanie Cafe, Parramatta

Pulled Pork Burger

We didn’t expect much from the burger as there have been so many burger joints popping up everywhere that we didn’t think a local place like this could compete. But, surprisingly, it was quite good. AK said he wouldn’t hesitate to have it again. The pulled pork reminded us of kebab meat in terms of texture, just without the oiliness and saltiness. We actually preferred this as it gives a bit more bite and is different to the mushy pulled pork you get at most places. Plus, the chef is so generous with the serving.

The coleslaw was crunchy and fresh, choice of sauce was delicious and not too overbearing and the bun was nice and soft with a thin crispy exterior. Definitely worth a try!

The chips were really good too. Not oily at all and so crunchy.

Fresh Apple and Pineapple Juice

Apple Pineapple Juice - Beanie Cafe, Parramatta

Apple Pineapple Juice

Well, I can’t really rate this on taste and skill, because it’s literally just juice. But, I can say the fruit was fresh, the juice was nicely chilled and the drink was presented nicely.

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