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    Mov’In Bed: The Biggest Bed Cinema in The World!

    Gone are the days of the drive-in cinema and the bring-your-own rug/chair outdoor cinema. Let’s welcome, the new kid on the block: the Outdoor Bed Cinema!

    To celebrate 8000 followers on Instagram, I am collaborating with Mov’In Bed to share a unique experience with my Australian supporters. I am giving away a double pass to a screening of your choice at Mov’In Bed’s Outdoor Bed Cinema – the BIGGEST bed cinema in the world! (subject to availability – some screenings are already sold out!). Check my Instagram for entry details. **Competition has now ENDED**

    …a night under the stars in bed watching an old classic: ET.

    Of course, I’m not just going to tell you how good this experience is without trying it out myself. So, Sunday night we popped down to The Crescent at Parramatta Park and enjoyed a night under the stars in bed watching an old classic: ET.

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    Chinese / Lunar New Year 2017: Sydney Buddhist Temples Directory

    Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is celebrated at the turn of the traditional Lunisolar calendar. This New Year is not only celebrated by the Chinese, it is also celebrated by many other Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Singapore, therefore in this post I will refer to it as Lunar New Year.

    This year, Lunar New Year’s Day falls on Saturday 28th January.

    The Lunar calendar is based on the movement of the moon so, unlike the Gregorian calendar (which is globally used), there are a different number of days per month and a different number of days per year in comparison. Hence, if we go by the Gregorian calendar, Lunar New Year falls on a different date every year. This year, Lunar New Year’s Day falls on Saturday 28th January.

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    Australia Day Events 2017: What to do in and Around Sydney on Australia Day 2017

    It’s almost Australia Day 2017 – The first public holiday of 2017 after New Year’s Day for Australians. We should all be very thankful that in 1788 the First Fleet arrived on the 26th January in Port Jackson, NSW. This means, every year we get to celebrate our national day on a beautiful Summer’s day lounging by the beach or “throwing another shrimp on the barbie” (So they say. I barely BBQ shrimp TBH).

    This year, Australia Day falls on a Thursday, which means unfortunately, you may need to hold back on a few beers OR you could always “chuck a sickie” (check out the Aussie Slang Dictionary for some laughs or test your knowledge of Aussie slang here).

    There’s heaps happening all around Sydney, with many local councils celebrating by hosting their own big breakfast, live entertainment and even fireworks. You can do a search for your local area here to see what’s happening nearby.

    Here are some of the main events happening in and around Sydney:

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