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    Half Day Trip To St Paul De Vence, France

    This Last year (Happy New Year!), we took a half day trip to St Paul De Vence from Nice. Most visitors to Nice use Nice as a base for exploring the French Riviera as it has good access to accommodation, food and transportation (refer to my Nice blog post for more information on visiting Nice). Even if you’ve never been to Nice, I’m sure you would have heard of the neighbouring cities of Monte Carlo (check out my Monaco blog post) and Cannes, but have you ever heard of St Paul De Vence?

    At the end of our Europe trip through 21 different cities across Europe, I discussed with my boyfriend and sister which places we enjoyed the most. We came to a consensus that St Paul De Vence was one of the most memorable.

    I first heard of St Paul De Vence on Fodors, where it was highly recommended. The romantic-sounding mountaintop village, filled with cobblestones and art sounded like something from a fairytale. Best of all, it is easily accessible via public bus (Yay!).

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