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    Airbnb scams: And how to avoid them

    Whenever people ask me for recommendations on accommodation the name Airbnb seems to pop up a lot. I’ve used Airbnb many times in the past and 99% of the time it has been a good experience.

    For example:
    – In Japan we were provided with free pocket Wi-Fi, which meant Wi-Fi everywhere!
    – In Lisbon the host picked us up from the bus station and walked us to the apartment. She even got her husband to help us with our luggage.
    – In Antwerp, our host treated us with a bowl of free chocolates which we snacked on everyday.

    Airbnb usually provides a more personal experience and makes you feel like you are staying in a home away from home. If you’ve never booked with airbnb before, click here to make an account and get a discount off your first booking.

    With everything, where there is money involved, there will always be people out there trying to benefit illegally. I have heard many horror stories about Airbnb scams. The most common being people turning up to find a home that looks different to the listing. But, if you stay wary, there are many precautions you can take to avoid a nightmare experience:

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