Places to eat & Tips for Europe


Spontini – Near the cathedral: Get the Margarita Pizza, sooooo good!

For tickets to the Milan Cathedral, you can either book online or buy on the day. If you buy on the day there are a few offices on all different sides of the cathedral, we found the office behind the cathedral (it’s across from the cathedral) had no line. Make sure to go to the terraces, that’s the most beautiful part. Unfortunately, the line to the terraces and to go inside the cathedral are separate, so you will need to line up twice, keep this in mind. The line to go inside is REALLY long -_-.

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is in Milan. If you are interested, make sure to pre-book tickets. We didn’t go because there’s too many people and it didn’t really interest us.


All’ Antico Vinaio – This is the hole in the wall panini place I told you about with a long queue.

Gelateria La Carraia – Florence is the birthplace of gelato, so make sure to have lots of gelato. Highly recommend this place. They are famous for their fig and ricotta gelato, I had a really yummy pineapple one here. =)

Florence is also very famous for their steak, we didn’t get a chance to have this, but if you have time, make sure to find a place to try. =)


Pietro Al Pantheon – Near the Pantheon. THE BEST TRUFFLE PASTA!!! You have to try this place….sooooo good!

Make sure to prebook Colosseum. Note: unless you book a private tour, the queue for entry is REALLY long, even for prebooked tickets.


Check out my guide.


Check out my guide.